Dreams Come True

Being a part of the Senior Housing family of communities means adhering to a very special set of values. One of these values is ensuring that our team members get to know each and every one of our residents not only in regards to health care, but also as a unique and vibrant person.

Our goal is to make at least one resident dream come true each month in every one of our assisted living and memory care communities. These dreams can range from modest to elaborate based on the unique experiences and backstories of each individual resident. The stories shared below only offer a glimpse into the vast collection of dreams come true throughout Senior Housing’s history of fulfilling hundreds of resident dreams.

To date, Senior Housing Companies have made over 1,000 Dreams come true.


Brown Deer Place

Judy was in “Hog Heaven” when she got to relive the glory days and ride a Harley Davidson! When Judy was younger, a friend of hers took her on a ride on his motorcycle and it was a wrap after that, she knew that she belonged on two wheels. Judy has owned many motorcycles in her past but she was never able to get a Harley because they were always too tall for her to get on. That was until they released a lowboy and she was bound and determined to get one. Unfortunately, she could not afford to make the purchase. Tanner, Assistant Manager, reached out to the Coralville Harley Davidson store and they were almost as excited as we were at the opportunity to get Judy on a Harley! When Tanner invited Judy to go out on a ride with him she was ecstatic and she had no clue that they were going to end up at one of her favorite stores ever. Tanner soon informed her that she going to be taken on the ride of a lifetime. Darcy, the salesperson fitted Judy with her own helmet and they jumped on the hog and were off – literally through the front doors of the store, for a 45-minute ride around Kent Park so Judy could enjoy the beautiful weather and look at the Fall scenery. Judy only had one request and that was that they would, “go really fast,” but she used a different group of words to express her excitement for this! Darcy told Judy to come back whenever she wants and she smiled ear to ear! Judy loved her ride on a Harley and went on to say, “Have I died and gone to Heaven? I knew they had Harleys up there!” On the ride back to Brown Deer Place, Tanner gave Judy the Harley Davidson shirt and mug that he got for her. Judy told him that the Harley “rode like a Cadillac and purred like a kitten with a little rumble.” When they got back to Brown Deer Place Judy gave Tanner a big hug and told him that she will cherish this moment forever!



Arlington Place of Red Oak

Di Smith, Manager, was able to drive Barb to Cedar Rapids to meet with her family for a surprise 80th birthday party! Barb got to spend the night with her family, keep in mind she doesn’t live close to them so doesn’t get to visit often. This visit will definitely be one to remember! Her son took her out to her favorite restaurant and she enjoyed a margarita. He also bought her a delicious champagne cake which she brought back to the community to share!


Arlington Place of Oelwein

For Betty’s Dare to Dream, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Shari, got with Betty’s daughter, Deb, and set up a little family reunion to surprise her. Betty’s daughter recently took over a restaurant in Oelwein called Delish. So what better way to celebrate than to bring Betty down and have lunch. Which was great that Deb could get the rest of the family down to eat lunch with Betty. Betty was ear to ear smiles with her family there. And got to eat her favorite cashew Chicken.


Arlington Place of Oelwein

It was Delbert’s family tradition to make ground Cherry pie with his grandma. He said he would help her husk them and she would make a pie just for him. Knowing this, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Shari, started the hunt for ground cherry’s. After finally finding them, Shari and Delbert made a pie just for him. Delbert was so happy that he got his pie. He won’t stop talking about it with all his friends.


Arlington Place of Oelwein

Audrey came from a dancing family. Her dad could dance all night. She loves to dance but hasn’t danced since her husband passed away 9 years ago. One day after one of her close friends had passed away, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Shari, overheard her talking about wanting to learn to line dance. Her friend loved to line dance. Shari got ahold of the local dance studio and set up a lesson. Audrey smiled the whole time. A moment she will never forget.


Sunset Park Place

Irene and Jerry, Manager, were talking about dogs one day. Irene shared that her favorite dog was a German Shephard named Sheba. Jerry shared with her about his German Shephard “Maddie.” Irene said she would love to see her. The look on Irene’s face was priceless when Maddie walked through the door for a special visit with her! Irene was full of stories about her beloved Sheba, shared pictures of her, and was delighted to see so many similarities of the two dogs. She enjoyed giving Maddie commands and treats for a job well done. For Irene this was a joyful time reminiscing about her favorite pet!


Edencrest at Green Meadows

When Virginia’s granddaughter began to plan her wedding, Virginia was ecstatic that the entire family would be gathering to celebrate her special day! As the year went on and the wedding approached the family made the decision that grandma was not going to be able to attend the wedding due to her health. It would be too stressful on the family to take care of her and too much for Virginia to handle. When Edencrest Green Meadows staff heard this they were quick to ensure Virginia would attend this special event! Virginia had her hair and makeup done and wore a special dress for her granddaughters wedding day. She was escorted down the aisle by her grandson and sat in the front row next to a staff member. As her granddaughter walked down the aisle towards the groom she stopped to give Virginia a hug. Tears of joy rolled down family members faces.  family picture was taken of the entire family at the wedding reception. Virginia proudly has the picture of her and her entire family in her apartment!


The Lakeside Village

Sandra has been a cat lover since childhood. Over the years, she has owned many cats each one with a name from the Broadway show “Cats.” Sandra expressed to Amanda, Manager, at The Lakeside Village, that she was really missing having a cat and would like to spend more time with her favorite animals. Amanda took the opportunity to contact Panora Pets, a local cat shelter. Organizers at Panora Pets scheduled a “Pet Owner for a Day” visit for Sandra right away. Sandra spent the day loving her favorite animals, reminiscing about her pets, and talking everything cat with the staff.  Moving forward, Sandra will come to Panora Pets in The Lakeside Village Bus regularly to distract the cats while George, the caretaker, performs his job duties.

Rich & Bob

Sunset Park Place

Rich and his friend Bob used to take the Dubuque bus trip to Riverside Casino quite often. When Rich found out we were taking the same trip with Sunset Park Place he wanted to invite his friend…just like old times!  We made all the arrangements for these good friends to spend the day together. They had a wonderful time on the bus, playing the slots, and enjoyed a fun-filled story-telling lunch with everyone. They can’t wait to do it again!

Carolyn & Merrill

Courtyard Estates of Pleasant Hill

Carolyn & Merrill have been a couple for many months. They truly enjoy each other’s companionship. When they see each other they just beam. Merrill had not been feeling well and Carolyn was so concerned. He had to be hospitalized and Carolyn was so worried and missing him so much. I called him to see if he was up to having Carolyn visit him. He was so excited. I took Carolyn to the hospital and they were both so happy to see each other. They hugged, kissed and held hands. After the visit Carolyn and I took a drive and stopped to get a cold drink. Carolyn said, ”This visit just made my day.”