Dreams Come True

Being a part of the Senior Housing family of communities means adhering to a very special set of values. One of these values is ensuring that our team members get to know each and every one of our residents not only in regards to health care, but also as a unique and vibrant person.

Our goal is to make at least one resident dream come true each month in every one of our assisted living and memory care communities. These dreams can range from modest to elaborate based on the unique experiences and backstories of each individual resident. The stories shared below only offer a glimpse into the vast collection of dreams come true throughout Senior Housing’s history of fulfilling hundreds of resident dreams.

To date, Senior Housing Companies have made over 1,000 Dreams come true.


Arlington Place of Grundy Center

Dorothy loves books! She especially loves being read to. Lenah, Life Enrichment Coordinator, has been reading to her every day and Dorothy acts like a kid going to Disney land when they meet to read. Recently, Dorothy and Lenah have been reading a book by an Iowa native, Melissa Tagg. For her Dare to Dream, Lenah took Dorothy to a presentation by the author and she loved it! She insisted on getting her own copy of the book and was overjoyed when the author signed it. She then did a parade lap all throughout Arlington Place as she made everyone see her new autographed book.


Courtyard Estates of Bondurant

It doesn’t take long to recognize that Larry has a love for motorcycles and Courtyard Estates knew right away where they needed to go to make his Dare to Dream come true. Unfortunately, the National Motorcycle Museum happens to be 134 miles away! After overcoming logistical hurdles, Larry and Janet, Life Enrichment Coordinator headed toward Anamosa. While Larry’s memory lapses on certain details of his life, he can recall the details of the motorcycles he used to own and ride. At the museum, Larry had a personal tour guide named Karla. She took Larry through and showed him everything in the museum with great kindness. We continued on with the tour and when we finished Larry was presented with a t-shirt that had one of his motorcycles on it. Janet asked Karla if she could take her picture with Larry and noticed she was fighting back tears. The museum refused to take any money for the visit and they left with very full hearts! The afternoon’s experience was rewarding for all involved!


The Lakeside Village

Marcia had been talking about making, and more importantly eating, her spicy chili recipe all winter. We figured if her dream is to eat her spicy chili, we could make a special event out of it! Manager, Amanda, entered Marcia in the Casey Iowa Chili Cook-Off hosted by the Casey Service Club. With Amanda’s assistance, Marcia prepared a pot of her Spicy Chili and entered the competition. Marcia sampled several chili recipes from the other 13 entrants, but she expressed that chili is something that is unique to a person’s taste and she really only LOVES hers. At the end of the evening, the judges agree! Marcia was awarded Spiciest Chili of 2018. She was presented an award certificate and a medal!


Arlington Place of Oelwein

Bill no longer lives with his wife, Margret, and he seems lost without her sometimes. Margret comes to Arlington Place every day to visit Bill. Bill had let us know that he and his wife use to make bird houses together and he missed that time with her. With a little help from the Arlington Place Team, Bill was able to build and paint a bird house and have it all ready as a Valentine’s day present for his wife. It was a very sentimental Dare to Dream for all of us!


Arlington Place of Oelwein

Marylin was a teacher at Wings Park Elementary School for 27 years. This was her first Valentine’s day without her family so TJ, Manager, took the opportunity to reach out to Wings Park to set up a Valentine’s day party in her former 3rd grade classroom. Marylin was over joyed to be back at school and able to interact with the children again. The new 3rd grade teacher and the class enjoyed her company so much that we are setting up more dates in the near future to come back again!


Glenwood Place


Bill was a freshman at Iowa State University in 1944 and that year they went all the way to the final four! He beams when he talks about his career at Iowa State and starting as a freshman. Glenwood Place found out that he was being honored at ISU, so we talked with a friend of his and arranged for him to attend the event. To help accommodate the evening, we paid for transportation as the entire evening was sponsored by the alumni. Pictures really tell the tale of how Bill’s collegiate experiences impacted his entire life!



Edencrest at Beaverdale

Kristie came to us from Chicago where she loved history and of the state of Illinois. Now that she lives in Iowa with her brother close by, she wanted to learn more about Iowa. Life Enrichment Coordinator, Sara, talked to her about going to the State Historical Museum of Iowa. She nearly jumped out of her chair excited to go. Kristie loved learning how they restore art and other Iowa artifacts. Among her favorites were the painting of the very first governor of Iowa, and the giant pie made as an advertisement for RAGBRAI bike riders. She even recalled hearing of the beginnings of RAGBRAI when the ride was first established. She was so excited after the trip she was telling everyone at the dinner table about her experiences. The smile and excitement on her face just tells the story.

John Deere Retirees

Sunset Park Place

Jim and Bob are John Deere Retirees. Betty worked in the cafeteria before her children were born and her husband also retired from John Deere. JoAnn’s first husband was a retiree as well as her current husband Bob K. Each had the opportunity to have a 1 ½ hour riding tour at John Deere. “Boy things have changed!” was a common statement. They shared stories of working there and others talked proudly of driving John Deere tractors on their farms. The retirees and tour volunteers recognized each other immediately and enjoyed spending time together. It was a wonderful walk down memory lane.


Glenwood Place

Frieda and her late husband, Daniel, owned Curley’s Bakery, a Marshalltown staple that they owned and operated from 1948 to 1974. As Glenwood Place was preparing to complete in a “Chamber Cookie Challenge” at the Annual Chamber Appreciation Luncheon, we knew immediately we wanted to ask Frieda for a cookie recipe they commonly used in the bakery. After discussing the idea with Frieda, she was excited to provide her “Million Dollar Cookie” recipe. The day of the competition, Glenwood Place honored Frieda and her Bakery by decorating the table with articles and photos from the Bakery over the years. Antique cake platters displayed the freshly baked cookies, which were made in the Glenwood Place kitchen with Frieda’s help just a few hours prior. The display table also included framed newspaper articles about the bakery and old photos provided by Frieda’s daughter. Afterward, Frieda’s said, “When are we going to bake some cookies again?!”


Prairie Hills at Clinton

In 1947 Harold bought a 74 Overhead Harley Davidson, it only had 500 miles on it and paid $900 for it. Harold states “It took me a week to break it in to get it to go faster than 65 mph!” Later that year, Harold and his brother, Ralph, took off on there trip of a life time! They visited three countries and put on 13,000 miles. Harold has his trip mapped out in red yarn on a map in his a apartment and loves to tell all about the experience. For his Dare to Dream, our Maintenance Coordinator, Mike, found a picture that was the identical to the bike that Harold had bought in 1947 and put it in a frame. He also found a Hot Wheel of the identical bike and gave them to Harold. Harold was so surprised and happy that he has them hanging next to his map!