Dreams Come True

Being a part of the Senior Housing family of communities means adhering to a very special set of values. One of these values is ensuring that our team members get to know each and every one of our residents not only in regards to health care, but also as a unique and vibrant person.

Our goal is to make at least one resident dream come true each month in every one of our assisted living and memory care communities. These dreams can range from modest to elaborate based on the unique experiences and backstories of each individual resident. The stories shared below only offer a glimpse into the vast collection of dreams come true throughout Senior Housing’s history of fulfilling hundreds of resident dreams.

To date, Senior Housing Companies have made over 1,000 Dreams come true.


Country Meadow Place

We asked Marlette if there was someplace she would like to go. She replied that her and her husband use to go to the Grotto in West Bend and she had not been there in years. Hearing this, our Life Enrichment Coordinator arranged to take her. She loved every minute of it and told stories of seeing the Grotto years ago. She said her and her husband would make a day of it and take sack lunches so our we surprised her with sack lunches brought from the Community. She didn’t really remember the trip after a day or two but the day she spent at the Grotto Made those memories matter.


Country Meadow Place

When we asked Faye if there was someplace special she would like to go or do she explained the one thing on her bucket list was she wanted to learn how to Hula Hoop. Well, of course we can make that happen so we brought in a group of kids to teach Faye how to Hula Hoop! Faye doesn’t get involved with very many activities so to get her out of her apartment to hula hoop was a huge event. She had a super great time and was so proud to learn how to Hula Hoop. We accompanied the lesson with a special lunch and her very own hula hoop. Faye embraced Making Memories Matter.

Cathy & Maureen

Courtyard Estates of Pleasant Hill

Cathy & Maureen have been best friends since they met at Courtyard Estates. They both have a love for dogs and sweets. Cathy’s daughter has adopted Maureen as one of their family members. Unfortunately, Cathy had to move to another town. They both were missing each other terribly. Polly, Life Enrichment Coordinator, took Maureen to visit Cathy and they both were so happy to see each other, as you can see in the picture. It was a dream come true for both of them!


Garnett Place

Jen and Tyrone White reached out to us, looking for a grandma to welcome into their family. They both agree it is important to instill those family values in their children. They asked if we had anyone here who they could spend some time with. We found them the perfect match with Dorris! Now the White family visits with their four children, bringing Sunday dinner, celebrating Grandparent’s Day, crafting, and their oldest is even teaching Dorris about makeup. We’d like to welcome the White family to the Garnett Family!


Courtyard Estates of Pleasant Hill

Diane has always loved going to the Iowa state fair. After talking with her daughter, she has gone to the fair for over 40 years with her family and girlfriends. When I asked her daughter about her going, she was so happy that we would be willing to take her. She loved the food, especially the corn dogs. She loved walking around looking at people and the animals. She won the dolphin that she is holding in the picture. Diane was able to go twice this year with staff. Diane is very limited in her verbal communication, but her smile told us that she thoroughly enjoyed every moment. She was so happy and is looking forward to going next year.


Edencrest at Green Meadows

Paul is 100 percent Italian! Although, he confuses easy and at times seems frustrated, a little Italian music and reminiscing of his numerous trips to Italy perk him right up. We “traveled” to Italy with Paul for his Dare to Dream. Well, not really Italy but the Italian he started speaking and the songs he was dancing to made the Des Moines Italian Festival seem like a short trip to Italy! Paul danced to the music, ate the food, rode the “gondola” and taught us all a bit of the Italian language. Paul enjoyed himself immensely! We all were Italian for the day and loved spending the afternoon in “Italy” with Paul!


Arlington Place of Grundy Center

Gloria loves to shop! When she has visitors, she will “ooh and ahh” over every piece of jewelry and then ask ” Where did you get that?” and “how much?” And then “when can I get one?” Of course, she goes on the group shopping trips every week, but it is never for long enough or ever to as many stores as Gloria has in mind. For her birthday, Gloria and I went out just the two of us and went to every shop and boutique her heart desired! We learned about chakra healing jewelry and “what not to wear.” For the first time Gloria was shopped out, so we had a surprise Chinese lunch with her daughter.


Sunset Park Place

David used to live on the East Coast.  One of his favorite restaurants was in Bar Harbor, Maine.  He drove an hour and a half regularly to enjoy fresh caught lobster.  “You pick out the one you want, grab a beer from the bar and they bring the lobster to you!” David enjoyed a taste of Bar Harbor right here in Dubuque, Iowa, complete with a fine glass of wine. He was so happy he said, “I’m never moving out!” He also enjoyed having a visit with our cook Tim who prepared this beautiful meal.

Mary Ann

Sunset Park Place

Ruth, a volunteer, started the Crochet Clinic at Sunset Park Place. Mary Ann is delighted to start crocheting again after she lost all of her patterns and supplies in a house fire many years ago. Ruth and Mary Ann look forward to working together each week. It has been a dream come true for Mary Ann!

Virgil & Dennis

Arlington Place of Pocahontas


Virgil and Dennis both grew up on family farms. They were raised doing chores typical farmers were responsible for: feeding animals, tending land, etc. Moving to Arlington Place of Pocahontas was a bit of an adjustment for them, including the new routine. Kelly, Life Enrichment Coordinator, arranged for Virgil and Dennis to spend the morning on a farm for their Dare to Dream. They did a few chores and were able to feed and care for the animals. They felt right at home and you could tell they enjoyed their day spent back in their “element.”