Dreams Come True

Being a part of the Senior Housing family of communities means adhering to a very special set of values. One of these values is ensuring that our team members get to know each and every one of our residents not only in regards to health care, but also as a unique and vibrant person.

Our goal is to make at least one resident dream come true each month in every one of our assisted living and memory care communities. These dreams can range from modest to elaborate based on the unique experiences and backstories of each individual resident. The stories shared below only offer a glimpse into the vast collection of dreams come true throughout Senior Housing’s history of fulfilling hundreds of resident dreams.

To date, Senior Housing Companies have made over 1,000 Dreams come true.


Garnett Place

Honoring our Veterans is incredibly important at Garnett Place. We are also very fortunate to have a resident, Elayne, who works with the Quit of Valor organization to provide quilts to honor and recognize veteran’s for their service. Francis received this honor with a quilt presentation ceremony in front of his family and friends. The ceremony was beautiful, and very emotional for everyone involved. You could see how proud Francis was, a smile beaming on his face the whole time. After the quilt ceremony the family held a party in his honor. Thank you Francis for your service. We are proud to call you family.


Emery Place

Edna is a resident in the Memory Care Gardens and loves to be pampered. When she heard her friend was getting her hair and nails done, Edna just had to join in. Sarah, Community Relations Coordinator, and Lori, Beautician, spent the afternoon pampering Edna with a shampoo, cut and style. Edna was so relaxed she dozed off a bit. Misty, Life Enrichment Coordinator, gifted Edna a new zip up fleece sweater to wear this fall. Edna was all smile and makes sure everyone checks out her new do!


Emery Place

Don often talked about playing softball and enjoying the sport. Don pitched for several teams in California when he and Sherilyn lived there. Misty, Life Enrichment Coordinator, and Sarah, Community Relations Coordinator, worked with Don’s family to arrange to have several family members surprise him at a Cedar Rapids Kernels baseball game! Don was invited to throw out the first pitch and, to top it off, the Kernels arranged to have a picture of Don and Sherilyn appear on the big screen in center field. When Don arrived at the game, he was overcome with joy seeing his family, including some from Minnesota! Don snacked on peanuts and had an amazing afternoon with family and friends.


Emery Place

After finding out Warren had been a fireman, Misty, Life Enrichment Coordinator, started planning for a day that he could ride in a fire truck again. The Robins Fire Department and Fire Chief, Brian Boots, were very courteous to make this dream come true. One Friday morning, Misty and Sarah, Community Relations Coordinator, took Warren for a surprise ride and ended up at the Robins Fire Department! After arriving, Brian and Captain, Neil, showed Warren several of the Robins Fire Trucks. Warren shared his knowledge of how the hoses and water discharge worked and what it was like in “his day” as a fireman.
Warren even had a chance to run the siren! Following his ride, Warren, returned to Emery Place and enjoyed his favorite meal: BBQ ribs! Warren and his family were excited to see his picture on the front page of the Robins newspaper afterward!


Emery Place

When Life Enrichment Coordinator, Misty, found out that Ardy loved jewelry, we just had to have a party! Misty sent out invitations and decorated while Janene made goodies to eat. Ardy, family, friends and residents enjoyed shopping for pretty necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets! Everyone had a great time and requested to have another party this fall! With all the sales of the afternoon, Ardy received 7 free pieces of jewelry!  We were able to make the surprise even more exciting by having her great-granddaughter attend too!


Parker Place

For months, Dorothea has been saying we should go to Meskwaki. So to Meskwaki we went. We thought it would be nice to invite Esther and Imo. Dorothea shared with us that her husband used to take her to the casino on her birthday, so it was a special reminder for her.



Arlington Place of Red Oak

In his younger days, Homer helped build Viking Lake. We took a trip there for lunch, where he was able to visit with the owner and an old friend. He enjoyed talking about all the work he put in to making it happen.

Ann & Bob

Sunset Park Place

Long-time Sunset Park Place residents, Ann & Bob, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on September 9th. Ann is currently living in independent living and Bob is in memory care. They aren’t able to get out much, but they still wanted to celebrate with a favorite meal. Ann made a special request for their big day– chicken tenders from Culver’s. So, the dining room was set-up with a ‘table for two’ with a table cloth and linens. In addition to bringing back their favorite food, we also provided a small floral arrangement of roses for them.


Country Meadow Place

Beulah used to visit the Little Brown Church in Nashua with her husband. She’d mentioned it several times, so we made a day out of it with the other Country Meadow Place residents. Beulah’s  husband was too weak to make it so we took the other residents and packed a sack lunch and toured the Little Brown Church – it brought back so many memories for Beulah and made a great day for everyone else too.


Country Meadow Place

Lenita used to go Polka dancing with her husband years ago. They would Polka dance every week. She’s mentioned it several times, so when there was a Polka Dance Event at our local Senior Center, we took her. To her surprise, an old friend was there and asked her to dance, she was delighted and had a great time.