Dreams Come True

Being a part of the Senior Housing family of communities means adhering to a very special set of values. One of these values is ensuring that our team members get to know each and every one of our residents not only in regards to health care, but also as a unique and vibrant person.

Our goal is to make at least one resident dream come true each month in every one of our assisted living and memory care communities. These dreams can range from modest to elaborate based on the unique experiences and backstories of each individual resident. The stories shared below only offer a glimpse into the vast collection of dreams come true throughout Senior Housing’s history of fulfilling hundreds of resident dreams.

To date, Senior Housing Companies have made over 1,000 Dreams come true.


Clover Ridge Place

One day, Leroy told Rebecca they should run off on a trip together. Rebecca smiled and asked where they should go? Leroy’s response was Germany. Leroy, said that he had never been there and that was where his dad was from. He shared that he had come to the US when he was just 13. Just like that, a virtual trip was planned. Flight 205 was ready for takeoff from Clover Ridge. Takeoff was in the hallway at 11:15 A.M. The flight was equipped with stewardess, safety instructions, snacks and great commentary. A special visitor arrived just in time for lunch, Johannes, a 16-year-old foreign exchange student from Germany, joined Leroy for lunch. Enjoying a German meal including brats, sauerkraut, warm German potato salad and German beer. Leroy finished his trip with souvenirs, a passport, boarding passes, and a complete scrapbook of all his German travels.


Clover Ridge Place

One day while reading the Maquoketa Sentinel Press, Helen noticed that one of the new journalists went to Indiana to college. As a former Indiana University student herself, she mentioned that someday she would like to meet this person. Well, ask and you shall receive… Sometimes even in the same day! At a meeting at the newspaper office, it was discovered that not just one, but two, of the journalists and also new owners of the Sentinel Press attended Indiana University. Trevis and Nancy Mayfield were both honored to come have lunch with Helen that very day they were asked. All three enjoyed a lot of laughs and reminiscing of college life in Indiana.


Clover Ridge Place

Grandchildren’s birthdays are something every grandparent wants to participate in and every child wants to have grandma or grandpa there, especially when they are young! Gary’s daughter and her family live near Iowa City and were planning a birthday party for the children. Challenged in trying to figure out how to make everything work, Carolyn mentioned the party to a team member  – Setting the “Dream Team” into motion! The planning began, we shopped for gifts, organized entertainment, and provided transportation. Wow, what a TEAM – And Oh, what fun! Gary and his family enjoyed the day, sharing laughs, playing, and sharing so much love.


Country Meadow Place

John lives in our Memory Care. He used to be quite the artist when he was younger, so when our Life Enrichment Coordinator found that out she scheduled a session with the Clear Lake Art Center and took John to spend the afternoon painting. He was able to make several Thanksgiving cards that he drew while there.


Country Meadow Place

Bunny is a Memory Care resident who was formerly a champion bowler and now has advanced dementia. Our Life Enrichment Coordinator took her bowling for her Dare to Dream and that opened up some memories for her and she was very happy.


Parker Place

Darlene wanted to go vote at the polls. She didn’t want to vote by using an absentee ballot. We were unable to take a picture at the voting booth because cameras/cell phones  were not allowed so we took a picture before we left.


Arlington Place of Pocahontas

I have some wonderful friends, but I have never been able to have a planned meal with them.” Lenora went on to explain how her friends, Millie, Bernice, and Jerry mean so much to her and how they have each gained a special place in her heart. Lenora expressed how she just wanted to take them somewhere for a nice meal to show them just how much they mean to her. So the planning began! Tricia Zuetlau, Life Enrichment Coordinator, began making arrangements. Tricia decided to call Cattleman’s in Sac City as the setting to make Lenora’s wish come true. Tricia then sent out invitations to each of Lenora’s friends. The group arrived at Cattleman’s, a restaurant which no one in the group had been to before this night. They enjoyed a wonderful meal and with lots of reminiscing.


Sunset Park Place

Die Hard Cubs fan, J.F., was thrilled in April to receive the season schedule we printed from Cubs.com. He spent all season informing residents and staff of game times and the TV channel to watch them on. He has loved the Cubs all of his life and proudly wears his Cubs apparel when going to Hy-Vee every week hoping to spark some conversation with the other shoppers. He could hardly believe it when they made it to the World Series. When they won we knew we had to plan a celebration party. J.F. arrived early to get the closest seat to the TV our party. KCRG came to cover his story!  He said there have been many years of happiness and heartbreak with his team.  He was overjoyed and proud to see this dream come true for the Cubs!


Parker Place

Dorothea wanted to go Z’s Restaurant for lunch after her doctor’s appointment. She said she hasn’t been to this restaurant since she moved to Parker Place. Her and her friends would try to come here a few times a month.


Arlington Place of Oelwein

Bev celebrated her birthday and we made it a special one! She enjoyed cake and lunch with her husband in the main dining room with some birthday celebrations. Bev had a smile from ear to ear after the staff sang her Happy birthday! She truly felt the love on her special day!!!