Dreams Come True

Being a part of the Senior Housing family of communities means adhering to a very special set of values. One of these values is ensuring that our team members get to know each and every one of our residents not only in regards to health care, but also as a unique and vibrant person.

Our goal is to make at least one resident dream come true each month in every one of our assisted living and memory care communities. These dreams can range from modest to elaborate based on the unique experiences and backstories of each individual resident. The stories shared below only offer a glimpse into the vast collection of dreams come true throughout Senior Housing’s history of fulfilling hundreds of resident dreams.

To date, Senior Housing Companies have made over 1,000 Dreams come true.


Corridor Crossing Place

In getting to know Lloyd Mallie he talked of his past years in farming, and how he really wanted to see the field’s harvested this fall. We set out to make this dream a reality!

Amanda Manternach of Monticello worked with her husband Rod and their neighbor Norm Zimmerman to organize day at their farm! Lloyd dreamed of a hot dog with relish and fresh berries – we started our day with a picnic that had just that in the gorgeous “Z-Barn” owned by Norm and his family. Norm took Lloyd, his friend Bill and our staff out into the field on his ATV. The farmers tested the dryness of the corn by biting into it, to see if it was ready to harvest. Lloyd was able to predict the “dryness number” almost as well as the computers that test it today!


Edencrest at Legacy

Jo is known for her legacy at Central College. Not only is she one of five generations of women to attend school there—but she was also a member of the cheerleading team and Homecoming Queen in 1952! Nothing makes Jo happier than talking about Central, so Edencrest at the Legacy worked with the school to help get her involved in this year’s festivities. After a nice meal at a VIP table, cheering with the current squad, and some special introductions, Jo got to crown Central’s 2018 Homecoming King and Queen! Jo and her family had a wonderful evening full of smiles and laughter, and we at Edencrest at the Legacy are so grateful that we got to be a part of it. Special thanks to the Central College Alumni and Development office.


Edencrest at Green Meadows

Dennis is a lifelong Hawkeye fan. So, when we were able to give him a chance to meet two Hawkeye greats we pounced at the opportunity. With his wife Donna we made a plan to surprise Dennis. Donna reached out to his sons and grandchildren to meet us there. On the big day we told Dennis that we were going to take a trip to meet some people he might know. We arrived at Valley high School and pulled up to the practice field, he was greeted by his family, given a football and marker.  On the field he was approached by Tim Dwight and Tavian Banks. He face was filled with joy and he says “Hey Tavian. looks like you put on some weight” which led to the family swapping stories and asking questions. It was such an amazing experience everyone left the field with a host of new Hawkeye memories.

Margret & Lois

Edencrest at Green Meadows

Margret and Lois became very good friends and they decided they wanted to go to Hawaii. While an actual trip to Hawaii wasn’t an option, we decided to bring Hawaii to them! This trip was complete with luau dancers, Hawaiian food and traditional music. The ‘stay-cation’ brought a smile to Margaret and Lois’s faces!


Prairie Hills at Tipton

Jen’s dream has been to go to Ireland for many years. To make this dream come true, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Hannah, did a little research to bring the Irish culture closer to home. She found that Paramount Theater in Cedar Rapids was presenting a show called the ‘Rockin’ Road to Dublin.’ Jen’s mother, Jan, joined the two as a guest and the ladies left for Cedar Rapids. The trio found their seats and were so pleased at how close they were to the stage! The Rockin’ Road to Dublin is a combination of Irish Dance Performance and a Rock Concert. After the first song was over, Jen turned to Hannah while wiping a tear from her eye and said, “Thank you so much, this is so amazing!” Everyone that knows Jen knows how much she loves music and to sing, so when they performed a rock medley of songs like “Anyway You Want It” and “Eye of the Tiger,” Jen belted out the lyrics as if she were on stage. She clapped the entire time with the biggest smile on her face! After the show, Jen was able to meet the singers and performers. She told them this was her “special night” and thanked them for such a great show.


Emery Place

Emery Place celebrate Norma’s Dare to Dream at The Farmer’s Daughter Market in Hiawatha, Iowa. Norma moved to Emery Place from Arizona almost a year ago to be near her family. She has always loved crafts, decorating and creating memorable pieces from natural elements. We felt that The Farmer’s Daughter would give her an opportunity to see a huge variety of just that. She was amazed at the array of crafts and we were made to feel very welcome by Jennifer and her staff. Norma was treated to a beautiful gift basket and enjoyed a delicious lunch of chicken salad and noodle soup as well as one of their famous cinnamon rolls to go. Norma was extremely grateful and thanked Cindy, Life Enrichment Coordinator, with an emotional hug. A special thanks to The Farmer’s Daughter Market for having us!


Garnett Place

Marjorie enjoyed sports growing up, and loved watching her children play. When we asked her what sports she played, she told us volleyball and fencing, then jokingly lamented that “pick-up games of fencing just don’t happen for some reason.” To fulfill this active resident’s dream, we teamed up with the Smithsonian Museum and Mount Vernon Tourism. Mount Vernon was hosting a special exhibit from the Smithsonian titled “Hometown Teams.” Joe from Mount Vernon Tourism met us to open the museum on a day it was closed for private tour. Marjorie was particularly interested in the pieces from Dan Gable’s personal collection, and how women’s sports have changed. We also learned the history of how Jack Trice Stadium got its name, and learned about athletes today. Finally, Marjorie took photos in their giant photo booth to become her own baseball card. Since it was a beautiful day, we ended the trip with a stop to get ice-cream and talk about all the wonderful treasures we saw.


Edencrest at Beaverdale

Bernadine a strong woman, and very well-liked by her peers and the staff at Edencrest at Beaverdale. When we found out that the five-year anniversary of her husband’s passing was nearing, we knew we needed to help her recognize this milestone. She had not been back to the grave site since that day. We set out to visit her husband’s final resting place and paid tribute to him and his memory while sharing hugs. After leaving the cemetery, we visited their former neighborhood, and she pointed out the home they husband used to share. It was a good day, filled with good memories and friendship.


The Lakeside Village

Dorothy shared that one of her dreams was to visit the Veteran’s Museum in Des Moines. As her care team, we know that traveling can be difficult for Dorothy, so we partnered with the Veteran’s Museum to bring the exhibits to her. Representatives of the Guthrie County VFW and American Legion performed a flag ceremony presenting the flag to Dorothy to honor her service. Members of the Kindred Hospice Staff then pinned Dorothy, thanking her for all she did to protect our freedom. Then Mike Boight from The Gold Star Military Museum gave a virtual tour of the exhibits and brought memorabilia specific to Dorothy’s service. It was a wonderful day for veterans to come together to honor one of their own.


Sunset Park Place

A resident at Sunset Park Place overheard Shelly Gessner, Life Enrichment Coordinator, playing the piano and wanted to keep one of the sing-a-long lyrics books handed to everyone. She told Shelly she used to play the piano. Later, on Pi Day, Sunset Park Place hosted Free Pie Day in the afternoon. Shelly played background music, and this resident and her family came to enjoy a piece of pie. Once again they discussed how she used to play the piano… She just needed her music! The resident’s husband brought in a book of duets the following morning. Shelly invited her to the activity room to play the piano, for her Dare to Dream. The pair played several duets together. She would flip through the pages, find her favorite pieces and played until she was tired out! She was delighted to play again and would like to keep practicing so she could play as well as she once did. As part 2 of this Dare to Dream, Sunset Park Place proposed the idea of performing at their annual Talent Show in the fall. This Dare to Dream is really a kick-off for her to revive an old hobby that she is very passionate about.